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Plantlife seeds out now #waitwhat

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anthonyxcvi 1368118087
So can I buy them for her? yes or no? @karinacolada
angry_futtbucker 1368306086
For Dominick @freddy1904
mariana.villafranca 1369195352
Oowww :'33 omg, they are beautiful, yeah, sure our son will wear them (:
mariana.villafranca 1369195373
mariana.villafranca 1369195747
LOL, I still don't understand what that means, dirtbags HUF DBC? , but yeah baby, I want those socks for our baby, :3
mariana.villafranca 1369195866
@the_joseba , I hope babe (: jaja
ethan_alblinger 1378396692
Why would you want socks with marihuana leaves on them for your toddler?
jessie_0420 1380388501
@ariel1paige we have these but pink and white instead of black
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