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Paul Rodriguez

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If your having trouble with nollie hard flips hopefully this helps! theberrics.com @berrics

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Paul Rodriguez
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itsvincentsin 1362540198
but you make nollie hard flips look like fakie hardflips 😨
treetaaree 1362568589
Never had trouble. But its a good one to know.
christynan_ 1362574927
@brandoncepelak get some shoes and make it happen
young_obeyy 1362589247
Pretty sure everybody besides you has problems with Nollie Hardflips lol
that_twin_guy 1362611231
I think if you don't have a problem with Mollie hardflips... You'll be just fine...
meggss_xo 1362791967
@prod84 excited to see your sexy ass this year at street league 💋 xo
brazilianjujitsu 1362901967
Yea they need more skaters on a "pedia" page wiki doesn't recognize many skaters, sponsors, nor tricks even though skateboarding is big and mainstream
idk377 1374380979
What's the track on this video?
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