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bagelhottness 1362509423
He has a brand? @everyone
cine_seph 1362509893
@italianprincesssss this is funny
jvalencia21 1362509982
I bet if you meet him in person you would shake his hand and be cool with him skating just like every pro who's skated with him.
jeanpaul_mcmxciii 1362511105
I used to hate on him before but look up "lil Wayne's first street mission" on YouTube and tell me he doesn't look like he's having fun
notvanessa 1362512126
Haha I like how mike mo liked this pic
iamrebel 1362518127
All people have to do is stop supporting shit that they don't like. "WE" as the consumers have the power because we're spending the money. Corporations only understand money. The minute that they can't make a dollar off of it then they stop selling it. So stop supporting it and there will be no worries. It's as simple as that. Support "Real" culture and not people who just see it as a chance to bleed whatever they can from it and then when it's not the cool thing to do they want nothing to do with it. Skateboarding is a lifestyle, not a fad, or fashion statement. Skate life POR VIDA!
the_mayor_sk8 1362542083
Lil Sucks πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
ownworldnyc 1367024282
@tilldeath87 @doeordie @ted_dibiase @ayay_biggs ur boyy
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