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Josh Kalis

Photo from dgkalis

At the Berrics. @dane_vaughn did this switch 180 nose wheelie 180 on the Lockwood table. You can see Prod in the last frame making a switch backside flip down the 10. Prod made 5 in a row. Pretty nuts.

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Josh Kalis
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jnowpa 1362441380
Hell yeah @dane_vaughn
nolanlee_pow 1362441473
@dane_vaughn #FloridaBoss so sick!!
iskatelife 1362441638
You can see that its from a video in two frames haha and @prod84 dope
hoagvision 1362443021
@dane_vaughn HAMMER!!!!!!
joshprada 1362444260
maineferd 1362445611
4lokogringo 1362447754
shane_stephens 1362451625
One of my favorite skaters takin a pic of my homie!! @dgkalis @dane_vaughn you deserve it so much ! Fuck yes!
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