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danny_____g 1362645403
Yo Ed do you guys have the half cab camo and the era 59 camos in stock? Looking for size 11 in both.
edselego 1362666949
@danny_g_death_squad era 11.5 is the last one.. Pretty sure we have the camo half cab.
danny_____g 1362674805
At the Sunny Isles store?
edselego 1362675538
Yup.. Looking at an 11 Cab camo and 11.5 Era 59 Camo.. Come thru @danny_g_death_squad
danny_____g 1362675818
@edselego cool I'll be by there this week.
danny_____g 1362805142
You there tomorrow brother?
edselego 1362837702
@danny_g_death_squad out for a week.. Have to get you next time.
uxanyc 1367503855
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