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Timmy Knuth

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The try before I broke my ankle, kickflip lipslide attempt. Photo: @itookapictureonce

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Timmy Knuth
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deontehanner 1373643416
Hey man! Are you back to skating?? Is your ankle all good now??? @timmyknuth
timmyknuth 1373646275
@realsk8r_sdo I just started skating again, not fully skating but messing around on mini ramps and small stuff. A little bit longer till its all good. Thanks for asking homie.
deontehanner 1373646403
Alright man. Well let me know when you're all good!! You're one of my favorites! Hopefully I can skate with you one day!! @timmyknuth
timmyknuth 1373647093
For sure man, Thanks I appreciate that! Keep shredding.
mizchangesgram 1393015584
Dude this spot and this trick looks crazy! So unique
timmyknuth 1412093286
rilldill 1412093744
Haha oh shit!
notlittleman 1419564343
Is this Fort Lauderdale?
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