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"Skateboarding gave me everything, so I give skateboarding everything I got!"- Felix 2013 LA photo: @el_nandez

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homegrwnmedia 1362430858
basedonatruestory95 1362439953
@wigsplit81 good word. I must agree a lot of these kids are only doing it for the fame an money it's good to know there's still people skating for the right reason
wigsplit81 1362442683
Thanks @basedonatruestory95 that's awesome of you seriouisly.. I've seen skateboarding change a lot in the last 24 yrs .its kinda hard to explain how I grew up on skating. I don't know just fell in love with it. An I progressed so fast. An honestly it was because of one dude an because of him I'm still skating today. He is no longer with us RIP but I made a promise to never at his funeral but now I look back an all the people I've met an the friends I have is because of skateboarding. We all skated but we we aall had our own styles are own way of expressing ourselves when we skated wether it was fast an hard or smooth free flowing. Nobody was the same an we all pushed each other an got super hyped when landed tricks. But the main thing is we have fun an aren't caught up on being pro what board you had shoes I can do this or I can do that I don't care I care about me . I love skating at the park wicxh there were none when I started seeing kids just going nuts landing tricks an being stoke on it . An if talked to younger kids an would be like man I suck at skating this an that I'm always suportive an be like no you don't your learning don't give up take your time enjoy yourself. Sorry for this long ass book but skateboarding is my pasion an is very special to me in many ways an I'm now blessed with two boys that. Are getting into skating like me but I will teach them what I know about it that's for sure .. I don't know thanks man I love talking about it . I've watched a lot of pros like @onefelix. @erickoston. @ericdressen. An hell I remmeber watchin sk8 tv with @guymariano dude killed it on a mini. See I've these guys pretty much my whole time up untill now skating an see how they have paved the way for the younger generation. An I thank them all. An I think some skaters should watch the old videos an study the history an look how its progressed. I don't know I love skating an I'm proud to be a skateboarder it saved my life literally
chany1 1362448140
The feez !!
onefelix 1362467351
Thank you all for sharing, I gladly accept the mission to take this skateboarding thing as far as I can on all our behalves... Know this every day I push is one more for everyone younger than me !
jackiempearce 1362472768
@wigsplit81 that was some amazingly heavy talk... Serious props to you!
wigsplit81 1362485392
Thanks felix !! @jackiempearce thanks homie umm skateboarding is that heavy to me an I speak from the heart . Thanks I really apreciate it !!!
liamfregs 1365756856
@onefelix this spot is continuously as promised to have the most wonderful sessions of all skateboarding times thanks for making this ledge happen man. You're the man
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