Photo from jamie_foy

I love chicken soo... I might as well.... GO FOLLOW @chikfila_official_ @chikfila_official_ @chikfila_official_ @chikfila_official_

handrailskater 1362425869
You sponsored by chik fil a now??? @jamie_foy
jamie_foy 1362426146
Wtf how would someone even assume that from this @handrailskater
handrailskater 1362426440
@jamie_foy it was a joke haha and I hope you know this is a scam this person is just trying to get followers lol there not just gonna give out 50$ to 15,000 people lol
krimetime1 1362427073
jamie_foy 1362427398
U posted it too lol @bizzybone420
jamie_foy 1362431644
Exactly lol @nikolaipiombo @handrailskater can suck a fatty
islandwatersports 1362774345
You would
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