Photo from ethanloy

@vtanderson_ landed this.

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mrnewmex 1362363770
bonesack 1362367619
instaglamorous 1362368859
Wow u r so dum no way this wuz lands
garrettballsjohnson 1362370042
@norisknoreward Son of a bitch! I ate shit so hard trying that stupid rail thing! Haha
ethanloy 1362376441
@oldfriendfox yupp💪
ethanloy 1362378319
@oldfriendfox miss ya too!
el__pablo__ 1362415010
Sick back smith on the barrier at atown park last Saturday @ethanloy
wonderfulwaves 1363888646
Hahahah fuckin jake goes big or goes home, so @vtanderson_ I'm telling the world your secret of all secrets, he goes so big he has no home #homelessnessaffectsevery1
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