Photo from corykennedy

#STUD @_scuba_steve

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manny_ornelas 1362980877
It's called Night Moves by Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band @aa_ron98
jalangarcia 1363149334
Back On πŸ‘
jalangarcia 1364015083
Lol IKR 😩 @chandlerskates
evankelleher 1364663229
Do you skate with leather shoes because my friends say u do and they don't rip as easy as normal shoes
macierutherford 1365177374
Cory. You are amazing. And I love your style of skating. If you reply to this It will make my day. If it makes anything better I don't use a sector 9. #poserboard @corykennedy
macierutherford 1365188855
Your my hero. πŸ’• @corykennedy
sqeaks1234 1366246721
chinkilla98 1419268283
@trinigooon chonner when he gets older πŸ˜‚
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