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Ryan Clements

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Just picked these grapefruit off the neighbor's tree on a gloomy day in Tampa. Once @porpe and I juice them and mix with vodka this evening, I'm sure things will liven up a bit.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1362328725
Come over and get zombie with us @hidefjoe.
lisacram7 1362329650
Mmmmmm greyhounds @rtclem !!!
paradoxgrip 1362333788
ronniecreager 1362340476
bminadeo 1362346705
🍸 Enjoy. Ill join ya a thousand miles away in the snow with some store bought not so delish varieties.
rtclem 1362346776
Hey @bminadeo, it's 50 here and that's chilly for Tampa. Still about to go skate though.
mystaticlife 1362347443
Them grapefruits are looking a little rough
rtclem 1362347485
It's what's on the inside that counts @mystaticlife.
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