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Paul Rodriguez

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Fun flat bar session today, Switch over crook. Photo: @heathmoe

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Paul Rodriguez
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davidjamesnosweat 1362496760
@prod84 what's your wheel sponsor?
jerrodbsk8ing 1362571860
He rides PlanB Wheels
nikita_panfiloff 1363616869
ashleyr0driguez 1365108614
@since_day_one_ my third husband
danny_jimenez26 1365569560
yeah p.rod
williamwestermann 1366141005
Ur my idol prod!
the_rnb_boi 1367458263
justin_rodriguez1 1406233574
You're Awesome man! My name is Justin Paul Rodriguez(for real) and I've literally watched every single video of you skating on YouTube. I'm 14 years old I'm from Baytown Texas and I've been skating since I was 10, I'm literally your biggest fan. My parents don't like me skating because they want me to focus on baseball but to be honest I hate baseball. I just wanna skate. I was wondering if you could come down to baytown have a skate session? Your the best P-Rod!! @prod84 @prod84 @prod84
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