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Max Schaaf

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Tube steak boogie. The brake crossover tube is often hacked off old Panhead frames. I played doctor this morn and preformed the reverse castration surgery. Grinder, lathe, welder . Maybe now a brewski. #panhead #humanhead #zztop

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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andycamay 1362274627
@jeffreymschad The sport-utility of wrenches. One standard and one metric. Done.
edu_mendes 1362275312
brandonlasko 1362281975
@4q69 2:30 to dark. Don't know if that changes anything
speedmetalcycles 1362299522
Lookin good!
rigidhips 1362299966
mikedavis70 1362345445
@4q69 U riding to AZ?
4q69 1362365131
@mikedavis70 bummed, can't pull it.
mikedavis70 1362367799
@4q69 Next time
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