Photo from njskateshop

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gnarles1ncharge 1362261399
Makes me miss Jersey. But fuck winter. Cali forever.
gnarles1ncharge 1362261420
Catch the gay innuendo there? Yeah.
vinneus 1362261520
can i use the bathroom?
njskateshop 1362261552
@vinneus 2$
mak0veli 1362268303
@njskateshop remember st pattys day parade in hoboken few yrs back when u guys were clownin everyone that walked by! #tuftyneedsainstagram
njskateshop 1362268370
@mak0veli yes sir #tufty
chrissarte 1362268468
@bradical1 fuck you, you fucking jock, body builder.
#pen15 #stilldrunk #thanksforthebeer
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