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John Rattray

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Happy birthday @burnout mixed-social-micro-media collage.

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John Rattray
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baretta_mv 1362207322
Yeaaah! Happy Birthday @burnout also... #toymachinesocks haha
nickcompoop 1362209400
Great Irish prose artist there.
ed.templeton 1362212434
#toymachinesocks and Wilde go great together.
bedstvie 1362216826
Is that Oscar Wilde?
frozenincarbonite 1362224916
burnout 1362246496
Thank you, John! Good luck on the move!
ratt_ray 1362262076
Yes @bedstvie Unless you're looking at James Joyce or those Toy Machine socks.
bedstvie 1362264308
I guess I wouldn't have had to ask had I read the previous comments. Also, I have a funny story for you involving a trip to Orcas circa 2005/6-ish. Not fit for public consumption, however. @ratt_ray
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