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Kerry Getz

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#throwback back side flip to the street.

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Kerry Getz
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ronniekessner 1362191314
Fun spot
dallasinla 1362197170
Steezin beyond reason
thescap 1362210338
Best flick ever!
kerrygetz 1362252423
@thescap thanks
moody215_ 1362364089
Hey @getzhabitat my name is marieke and I'm making a griptape company and I'm trying to help the Philly skate community and I'm asking wen the shop reopenes you can sell my griptape and split the proffit @getzhabitat
void_savage 1362367630
@getzhabitat mane. You one of my skate Heros. Besides antihero habitat one of my favorites. Maybe someday ill get to where you are man, maybe some day. Until that day. Shred until your dead man.
kerrygetz 1362367857
@5thrascal_pnig thanks man👊
void_savage 1362367919
:o... Kerry Getz just said my name... @getzhabitat
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