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Josh Kalis

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I thought this graphic was a dope ode to AWS... They del differently. Love them dudes!!

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Josh Kalis
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_.killatapes7s._ 1362101935
Bitch Move Chris Carter
ken_uprise 1362104027
Classic! We had 3 decks at the shop, I should have kept one.
sleep_and_coffee 1362108822
Isn't that your own friend (Dyrdek) doin it to you ?
mike_devlin_ 1362140582
@nunya2213 doubt it.
stressly710 1363313550
I got the only deck I know of other then the one josh has + he signed it ;) , he's a G!
sjoseph688 1372184904
Lol at everyone saying Rob owns workshop.. Do some research if you've only been in the game a week.. #learnyourshit
tommy_pilcher 1374866841
Yeah @scottypiffin1 Rob does own it, he bought it along with habitat and reflex
jahspoon 1441295818
Word i got that deck....97 outta 300
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