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Paul Rodriguez

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I'm really humbled to have had the opportunity to have done the @sportsillustrated cover shoot with these amazing people!!! #michelleobama @kaepernick7 @serenawilliams @gabbydoug2012 @af85 #letsmove #blessed

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Paul Rodriguez
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chuchafc 1362124931
@mohjo09 he only changed now that he is famous. Of course your not gonna be douche when your famous. Even in his interviews he's shows his old cocky douche self. How's it bad for me too say something about him that's true.
brunomarssss1 1362232522
I really wanted to meet you because I was there but in the far back @prod84
brunomarssss1 1362236990
I also skateboard and the board I have is a Plan B @prod84
jason_rosati 1362366060
stoops302 1362438019
@erikarios1 look who's in the background
ejr_m 1362438284
@stoops302 I saw this when he posted it on his lol
ironsamm 1369170544
@prod84 hey, I worked this event. Those kids were mad hyped dancing on stage with all of the Nike athletes.
mickeydozer 1375986339
@prod84 Hey man starting Wednesday, September 11th I will be teaming up with #KidWorks in Santa Ana and we will be implementing #Nikedesignedtomove program for the kids at this after school program.. it would be awesome if you could come out and join #nikerunningfashionisland and myself and get the kids excited about #designedtomove
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