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#tbt this is probably a few months after my last #tbt post, I'm wearing those black shell toes. I remember wanting to submit this to Thrasher's photo graffiti. The photo was shot by my good friend Peter McCallum. Does anyone know what board that is??


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mccranker 1362077929
@markdooot that depends... What do you mean by "video" and what do you mean by "soon"? Also what do you mean by "part"? I will say yes to the words "new" and "chance".
__leh0 1362078221
@mccranker Thank you. I really hope so!
calebscott_ 1362079142
Toy machine
dirtyduzit 1362079805
krustalmeth 1362083105
Any new board series dropping soon?? @mccranker
darin_howard 1362084151
@kelchmonster πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I thought it was!!
tsedo 1362094352
Kelch! I had that one too!
bobkronbauer 1362112356
I was gonna say Kelch! I also was saying Boourns.
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