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The result of @domowaka's first day of riding a dirtbike! #fuckaroundgetsmoked

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Nyjah Huston
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sisielvir 1372368466
_lostboysforever_ 1377639450
That's total fresh scraping ,shit got to hurt .coming from the girl who cut he leg ,broke her leg and bruised a nerve all at once
mary.m.13 1380091401
omg that hurts ewwwww ((((
emzleigh246 1380539405
Man that's gotta hurt
nahirnieves 1385512907
Maann ill be crying like a baby cuz that shit hurt like Fuck
umm7585 1386534147
Owe fucked up
maxx_castellucci 1390882760
Hey u should follow me @nyjah_huston @nyjah_huston @nyjah_huston
kingalexalvarez 1414389693
isnt his brother thomoas i go to school with hima
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