Photo from ethanloy

πŸ™Œ @elementusa @spitfirewheels @glassysunhaters @etniesskateboarding @stancesocks @bonesbearings @destructo

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chasewebb 1361929191
Hahah @jakedre is a little mad😳
krisburkhardt 1361929428
Well that still doesn't solve me needing some new wheels
krisburkhardt 1361930277
@jakedre #wrestleeverydamnday #skatelife #worryaboutyourownproblems
krisburkhardt 1361930359
Yeah cause I don't want cool guys like you lurkin my photos @jakedre
biglou3 1361930712
He's friends with Ethan fuck off @jakedre #vouchingforthehomie
krisburkhardt 1361930731
@jakedre He's my friend, I would never ask some random person for free shit over Instagram haha
ethanloy 1361934385
@jakedre your trippin, @krisburkhardt been my good homie since we were like babies. Chill out dude
mmattalvarez 1362020876
Follow me bitch nigga @ethanloy
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