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Zach O'Hara

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@robbyd93 With The Catch Of The Day!

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Zach O'Hara
robbyd93 1361917319
We got dinner tonight man. @zachohara
shredduh 1363055934
You coming to the pro? How been ninja
zachohara 1363056048
Yeah! Ill be there that Friday through the weekend. Been good, just workin and school. Seeing you this time around for sure! Me, you, and Jared need to chill. How have you been?
zachohara 1363056053
shredduh 1363056193
Fuck ya ...can't wait. Good just skating stretching and chilling . Trying to get into this 3d printing. We should try to skate too .. bradenton son! 24 hrs free no pads.. biyah
zachohara 1363056773
I'm so down! I haven't had a chance to skate that one yet. Lets head out there one night. @shredduh
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