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So hyped for this! Got my tickets booked and got register. Who else is going??? #damnam #cali #costamesa #westcoast #skateeverydamnday

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tannervanvark 1361924719
jamie_foy 1362064787
Yoo I want to know if I can catch a ride qith u out to cali cuz my mom can't take off work. Hmu 9548217126 @tyler_hunger
tyler_hunger 1362107121
Illl ask my pops @jamie_foy
tyler_hunger 1362107130
jamie_foy 1362107675
Ok leeme kno asap so I can sign up nd get my plane ticket. If ur dad wants to talk to my mom her number is 9544396262 @tyler_hunger
tyler_hunger 1362107778
Alright bro ill talk to him! @jamie_foy
jamie_foy 1362108029
K thanks homie
tyler_hunger 1362256673
Hey @jamie_foy my dad said that your more than welcom to come with us man! My number is 941-600-2485
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