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Nigel Alexander

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Sorry For Anyone I Might Have Offended With My Last Post. It is a Logo For My Friends Company Who Owns a Boutique, Throws Parties & Cuts My Hair. πŸ˜‚ I Can See & Understand How it Could Have Upset You & Thats Why I Removed It. I Would Think That Through My Previous Posts You Would Know I Would Never Support Anything Evil Knowingly. My Friends a Great Guy & I Just Wanted To Help Him. P.s. I Don't Believe in The illuminati. Conspiracy Theories Will Ruin Your Life. Be Careful With What You Choose to Believe in. Peace. πŸ˜ŽπŸ™

nkavids Instagram profile picture
Nigel Alexander
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jsmimran 1361857731
Keep that third eye open
mlmwj 1361858974
It's actually an amazing photo. It represents the truth. That being, none of us really know anything and if you claim to, you're kidding yourself.
nkavids 1361859209
@mattjenney The Blind Leading The Blind
mlmwj 1361859431
Exactly. But those who are humble enough to admit they don't have the answers, are the ones who have always discovered them.
angeles661 1361860312
@nkalexander7 your too nice and awesome! Am glad I meet you in my life!
milesamsterdam 1361860502
jameskmorrow 1361861882
@nkalexander7 you should repost who cares lol
eiriksteen_ 1361992524
No wonder you got 20k!
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