Photo from ethanloy

This cruiser goes! @elementusa @nick_garcia

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frankyvillani 1361844901
@owusuethan buy some sketchers
frankyvillani 1361845107
@owusuethan yea those are buttery I heard crocks are good too
frankyvillani 1361845146
@mariahaltmeyer I prefer the z strap ones
frankyvillani 1361845267
@owusuethan yea they are just hard to break in but yea super buttery
frankyvillani 1361845373
@owusuethan @mariahaltmeyer hahahahh just buy some emericaaz instead ;)
krisburkhardt 1361845953
Siiiicckkk franky. Sell those emericaZ
frankyvillani 1361847978
@krisburkhardt \m/
_danillos 1361860745
lets go !
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