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Rob Meronek

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Rob Meronek
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lewwilll 1361839768
For all of your questions head to skateparkoftampa.com
reinholdskates 1361843865
Front feebs
christiano726 1361851275
@meronek id give u an insane amount for u to get a pair to me in ct.
meronek 1361852847
@cbc726 if I was allowed to get them to CT, you would not have to give me any amount. Sorry we can't do that. Hopefully through a homie or something you can come up on a pair. Thanks @_willlewiss they're $150 @jrosa0813 and yep, March 2 in Ybor at noon @justin_zaragoza Nice seeing you today @satanfinger!
meronek 1361852867
@zachgodlewski come to Tampa and we'll roll for a pair!
_zgod 1361852913
@meronek I so would haha
batesdynasty 1361863520
So nice Rob!
oh_cy 1362070112
#fingerscrossed #ineedthespecialboxinmylife #effresellerstho
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