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Nyjah Huston

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About to skate this awesome rail! #sk8lyfe

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Nyjah Huston
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itsmillertime_ 1361770737
You should bring back those heelflip front feebs/ front 5-0's, you were the only one who had those in the trick bag
_jesse_williams 1361770957
I don't get it @jason_dunks
maxdufault 1361772844
big spin front hurricane
rorymackin__ 1361789760
Yew @nyjah_huston
dakotachinners 1362000509
Selfies are for queers @nyjah_huston @tommy_hample
tommy_hample 1362003936
Word @dakotachinners
mejia201 1362026038
ur so talented i cant even ollie but i still try
montana_da_savage47 1362048565
Chaz kick flip back lip slid it now you gotta switch kick flip back lip it haha
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