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Rob Meronek

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I really was hoping to see what six whiskey sours would lead to, but had to stop for skateboard nerdery. Making the live/instant scoring screens for Tampa Pro's broadcast next month. They go on green screens so there's no integration headaches trying to make old computers talk to new ones. Catch the live broadcast of #TampaPro on the @spottampa site, skateparkoftampa.com

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Rob Meronek
hhsuperdankg 1361742792
teamfatt_official 1361743672
Best 3 days of the year. Wouldn't miss it.
fuckbriel_ 1361743717
When's Tampa pro @meronek
meronek 1361744257
Thanks @teamfattskateboarding It's March 22-24 @the_figgster
fuckbriel_ 1361744294
Ok thanks see you then ! @meronek
jzwecker_s4 1361833414
@meronek just saw the official pic amazing. Have u gotten my recent email. Thanks
meronek 1361835331
Ah man if I didn't reply yet I should tonight or in the morning. Inbox is looking kinda thick right now, ha. Thanks @justinzwecker
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