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Josh Kalis

Photo from dgkalis

Pretty cool drawing @harcoempire did of an old photo I had. Dope!! Thanks bro!

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Josh Kalis
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kingdom_skate 1361723064
Nice. I remember that shot.
jaygsnaps 1361723261
Must have blown your mind when people started skating this from flat @dgkalis
jorges__gram 1361723937
Stance is so proper I forgot It was switch!
hellacoolsbc 1361725599
@dgkalis if I say HELLACOOL does that instantly make you think hellaclips? Just asking.
hellacoolsbc 1361725609
cowabunghole 1361729901
I remember that shot from Transworld
harcoempire 1361731550
@dgkalis Wow, you re-instagrammed my drawing! Thats so sick, thanks Josh. Its a shame you don't like flying, if you'd come to New Zealand with new DC in January I couldve gotten an OG rider to sign a copy of The DC Video. Haha
horrorshow_deej 1361781392
Omg Scott you're famous that's your drawing your so cool
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