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Jamie Thomas

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memories of good times skating in China w/ @ianmberry & @daneburman; so hyped to going back in a few weeks #coldwariscoming

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Jamie Thomas
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stepancole 1361671261
Go to shanghai!!!
sirharris 1361675049
Sk8ing since 97, seeing tis pic make me miss the good old days. itwas only fun n friendship.. viva la skateboarding!!
batesdynasty 1361676315
Back to Shanghai?
wesrm 1361677330
@stevelutz I'm pretty sure this photo was composed with Camera Plus. It's a great camera app!
yuji_91 1361679602
heading for Shanghai
inspire_ogichan 1361681226
tri_sun 1361728177
Still remember first time I met u in shanghai, u signed on your signature zero board for me and I took a photo wiz u. Wish u have great time in china!
ry_try 1362363229
Are you stopping in shanghai again?? We found a new spot that's INSANE I'm gonna tag you in a pic of it, check it out
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