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Playing around in the shop this morning with some logos I love. How about it boys? @kylebkelley #tracko #trackosaurusrex #fixed #fixie #bike #cyclist #cycle #kustomcaps #nahbs

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kylebkelley 1361646288
@johnprolly #prollypurple
theradavist 1361649616
kustomcaps 1361654467
@johnprolly Shoot me a vector if you want. I was playing a bit with the viking but the bitmaps on the web aren't working. sales@kustomcaps.com
the5thfloor 1361892615
@kustomcaps were keen to get some 5th caps made what do we have to do...!
kustomcaps 1361895069
@the5thfloor funny...love you guys. Was playing around with your logo this weekend. Shoot me an email sales@kustomcaps.com and we can discuss!
the5thfloor 1361899083
👆💚 will get this to you this avo! Good times ahead
kustomcaps 1361899496
@the5thfloor psyched!
twotoneams 1366897047
Into it! @loosenutscycles LNC caps?
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