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Paul Rodriguez

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Thanks @dodgers for letting me be a part of #OpeningDayLA!!!

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Paul Rodriguez
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jamieclose87 1361636965
Switch back lip for warm up? In bloom style?
eidanalias 1361640904
Yo love your skating man mad support forever. You're the best man @prod84
batima_tanana 1361669927
Manoo eu so seu vlw por existir assisti todos seus video
batima_tanana 1361669941
Eu so seu fa
forevervicious 1362005699
Can u tell me how does it feel ..? How does it feel to b where you r ..im at the bottom right now bt im on my way bt i just need to know how does it feel to b the #master of ur craft .!! In my book you r the definition of success .. I support you 100% you r my role model !! 👍 bless you and your cause
nolonger.lives 1362898287
Hey @prod84 I know some pretty good spots to skate at around where I live, you should try these spots out, I would also love to meet you one day u are my role model u inspire me to keep on skateboarding, if anything you should hit me up. (440)745-3042 only txt message doe And also skate at yorbita elementary. It's a good school to skate at maybe we can skate their one day so please txt me if ur interested in trying these spots please :)
princessbela_ 1367980510
Hey look i live by there
albertoeverdeen 1393303166
@kennyskates he was skating the 7's in February of 2013. Probably skating the 8's now haha
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