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Too much Gary ! 📷by @jeremyadams85 #hoops #planbvideo

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Torey Pudwill
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jordano.bailetti 1361553977
Lmfao oh shit ur too much torey ur pro! And sweet (no homo) u love ur fans! @toreypudwill1
toreypudwill 1361554030
@mrs_oldape I can hear it now ! Lol.
the_stl_monster 1361557370
@toreypudwill1 dude you are the illest!
jordanhabicht 1361560594
watched you play skate in Niagara Falls cause the contest got rained out ... shitty but still so sick to watch! favourite skater steez style @toreypudwill1
tarek_sheckler 1361566004
@toreypudwill1 Hey man i'm a huge fan from Tunisia ! my friends say I'm your twin. go check my photos to see that and don't forget to kill it for the #planBvidep you should try to do a laserflip to nose grind (or tailslide) on a ledge or somethin' that would be so sick
gavinhaberl 1361597217
Same benie you wore when you skated with @shanejoneill
ihebpuds 1362337255
damn still search for that beanie!
raimoo_ 1364457410
That beanie👌
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