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Tony Hawk

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Sierra Leone, 2004. Kids there had never seen a skateboard before; they kept calling it "Roller Boogie"

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Tony Hawk
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maddiemashburn 1361914242
zachallen127 1361929180
Your so nice to teach them
sebatron357 1362090678
Dang, that's a sweet Roller Boogie!...I want one.
austin_neumy 1362603956
@francistenenbaum is from leone! @alexlewandowski
daddydouglas 1363041573
You're such an inspiration. Even after being the best, you find ways to help give back. You set a great example and show that not all kids that skate are little foul-mouthed punks. My respect is so high for you @tonyhawk
trapp_lol 1363395750
that is beautiful *-*
lukeyypoookey 1365463274
You are my all time hero!
denver_outlaw 1366172460
You are a god @tonyhawk
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