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Please order my book at http://www.totalluxuryspa.com/ limited signed and numbered copies. Go to @totalluxuryspa for info. Thanks

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kon_uh_ser 1362075901
@internetfamous peanutbutter &jelly . Glad to see you still doin your thing 👊 baha yr 1st homie from Bret Heart Middle School👨
internetfamous 1362090500
@kon_uh_ser do you still have those bleach splash jeans? Should bring em back
kon_uh_ser 1362095836
Bahaha😢they were the shit I must say myself . I'm headed to the shop to make a pair now @internetfamous what size are ya ?
yourmom.mov 1362266009
So glad I received a copy.
kazuyuki_matsushita 1362649822
Hey Jerry!! Can I buy this in Jp?
internetfamous 1362681663
I'm not sure let me find out :) @kazuyuki_matsushita
dahlithomson 1363313874
Jerry you are my most favourite skater of all time!
spotmatic 1363991362
Are all 150 signed?
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