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Tony Hawk

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#bonesbrigade (-1), 2004. We got together to discuss Animal Chin DVD release. The next time would be 6 years later to for Bones Brigade: An Autobiography (on Netflix now) @mikemcgill @steviecab @peraltastacy @lancemountain @tommyguerrero

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Tony Hawk
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whitefez 1362274966
@tonyhawk made a point of watching bones brigade tonight ! Emotional to say the least , you guys worked hard to chance the world of skateboarding ! And change our lives ! Thank you
scottsummers18 1362462641
Just finished watching boned brigade it was awesome! Thanks for all you guys did!!!
scottsummers18 1362462656
dexplorah 1363047217
I have a new found respect for all you wonderful gentlemen, go Bones Brigade!!!!!
ttocs1001 1368549351
Met tony in London bout 20 years ago maybe now,a gent and totally top chap!!!
texaseaston 1374358843
Tommy g
the_real_tracey 1402460253
My favorite part was mountain interview
jvilla1500 1425183010
I love you guys man!!! That documentary was truly inspiring. I have respect for all of you gentlemen for overcoming adversity. Biggest thanks to you mr.hawk you are very iconic and humble. You will go down in history as the greatest skater who ever lived. Love you man. Keep doing what you do.
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