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#tbt Another one from the Mcnabb ramp in Ottawa. Those shoes were three sizes too big for me, a friend from school gave them to me, I think they were Champion shoes. Around this time a skater who I think was named Zander left a used pair of all black Adidas Shell Toes at that park, I took them and was so stoked! They fit me and looked really cool. I kinda felt like he left them there for me. #povertysucks #skateboardingrules

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mexiken009 1361482898
Good story.
capt_t_wrecks 1361494382
Good ol days
deadfin 1361497532
craig_tremblay 1361500779
I work with a dude who said he remembers you asking him how to do blunts to rock and then blunts to fakie... Ian is his name he still skates more than me and is prob over 40. Sick photo!
frenchfred 1362252050
Ah ah!
robinsonfotografix 1364600347
Another classic as documented by @robinsonfotografix
thelrz 1370041472
no_shame_blair 1372725399
I was there when that pic was taken. Mcnabb ruled back in the day. Remember the orleans skate park in the tennis court? @mccranker
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