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Bart Jones

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Too Much Posse!! @chrisbrunner walks on oxygen. @trentmcclung flukes it. @timcisilino throws in down on wax. @richmbrown racks. @piercebrunner munches on sum grindage. @killataytay bogeys uh boneless. @trevormcclung pulls a fakie thruster layback. @frankieheck is very strange, and last but not least @kellyhart learns switch flips in place.. #TooMuchPosse

bartjones Instagram profile picture
Bart Jones
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tonydmontgomery 1361429864
Haha, thought I was trippin for a sec
mattberger_ 1361430705
There's a lot of awesome going on in this photo 🙏
pat_burke_ 1361434290
So expedition
tati_j 1361437045
Pretty epic! Haha
tatareallife 1361445046
Get off my yard! Haha
plottnmocha 1361445797
harlem shake insta!
fheckiii 1361462383
Send me that POSTER. Such a SICK picture. @bartjones the captions tweek the moment. Great job!!!
tinazsk8 1361491294
shadow pose
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