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When life gives you lemons, do the Master Cleanse! Day 1

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Jamie Thomas
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derekemery 1361444180
@peewee_deee maple syrup grades depend on constancy, richness, color, and other factors. B is more robust than A.D
derekemery 1361444387
@mikeupte the North east USA and Canada have had winters that turn much warmer much sooner which diminishes sap run off, and therefore syrup production. Then, all the laws of supply and demand kick in. It sucks because maple syrup is really good and full of minerals, but you nearly have to be wealthy to keep it in the fridge.
renagadegeneral 1361444805
No disrespect up here Chief @jamiethomas. I have no idea of the grade we make. Stay healthy my man. Salute. ⚡♠💀♠⚡
rockin_n_vermont 1361445495
I'm not talking about Grade A or B. I'm talking about C. That stuff never hits the shelf in grocery stores. But good for you for diggin up that knowledge, it's some yummy stuff that syrup. Good luck on the cleanse, man!
precutziplock 1361523004
You kicked my best friend out of your park the other day. You should really learn him. Tony LeCount
angel82_q50 1364906573
Lmaoo @ straight food crime .. shit I have to try it ... thanks guys
hereforbeer 1422245648
hereforbeer 1422258677
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