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Adam Dyet

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Warm up front board on this rail at UCI that's impossible to skate. 📷 by @devillenunes @rockstarenergy @darkstarskate @boneswheels #uci #cali #skateboarding #greenroom

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Adam Dyet
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riotwithdyet 1361403056
No it looks the same but it's not. @heymijo
heymijo 1361403851
Yea very similar but either way one one hell of a spot/picture @riotwithdyet
riotwithdyet 1361404263
Thanks homie, it was fun to skate. Short run up though. I hope you doing good. @heymijo
heymijo 1361404717
Ahhh of course this perfect spot would have short run up and be hard to skate damnit haha. Yep doing good just waiting for utah's weather to get warm so i can go skate! Lets get a sesh sometime when your back in utah @riotwithdyet bring @tysonbowerbank too lets shred
blaiseghowe 1362203656
Sooooo dope. You got da steeeeezzz breeeezeee
dcr748 1369467049
Someone needs to grind the double set hubba near that rail.
riotwithdyet 1369472888
Almost did. @dcr748
dcr748 1369497585
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