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Is this a way back Wednesday? This is me and my cat, Ernie. The best cat ever. He used the toilet, meowed and knocked on the door when he wanted out and kept me company, like this. 32 years ago.

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Darin Howard
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sometypeofspray 1361385514
hellacoolsbc 1361386074
I love him.
darin_howard 1361386324
#dudeswithcats @onesickrace
onesickrace 1361386418
@darin_howard your photo is what printed mine! I had a short msg typed out to ya but started gettin all sentiMENTAL on it, so a solo dude with cat and message photo entailed! Cheers bud, see ya around!
complete_satan 1361389676
I like cats just wanted you to know that
suziiewang 1361401127
I like that you were his snuggly bed!!
flachris 1371615867
Hi @darin_howard i sent u some a vid of me and my brother , my email is cjnoel2000@hotmail.com could u pls read the email when u get a chance @darin_howard @darin_howard @darin_howard @darin_howard
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