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Had a fun sesh at the Berrics today while @chasewebb decided to sit on his phone the whole time! Kids nowadays😝

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Nyjah Huston
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Yo whats up my names javian and i work at Disney world as a character/performer if u ever want to come i got u and ur friends for free.. thats anything Disney even disneyland and the cruise lines..im a singer/songwriter,actor,dance,model and comedian i have worked with kevin hart,kathey griffon,weeman and the JACKASS crew,greyson chance,cody simpson,and more.my uncle works on Disney channel sets and diff shows and movies and tours..and im about to be on some..looking for some new friend on my road to fame hmu 8643296148
eloha_bib 1363539757
@ismael_ould_ahmed_benan regarde ce geek hahaha
@eloi_rosaz haha wai
pilar_mendes 1365311198
@cheenag nice deck 😂 ✌ @nyjah_huston
nahrris 1365354419
Chase is SOOO fucking ugly @nyjah_huston
cheenag 1365359566
haha @pilar_mendes
pilar_mendes 1365359624
@nyjah_huston hi
thedrev 1385913057
I'm getting one of your decks from Zumiez(:
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