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Every... Single... Day... I brake bearings. Sick of this. Broke 2 today. #skatelife #cultureshockskate #cultureshock #skate #skateboarding #fuckthis #broke #skateeverydamnday #hyped

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Kevin Phelps
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deerpuncher666 1361326203
@ctshred haha no, they are so bad.
Keep your board in the warm. The cold cracks the little plastic piece holding the bearings in place.
deerpuncher666 1361331686
@dirtygrotonscoundrel fuck, makes sense. I skate outside all the time still, so I guess my bearings are bound to be fucked.
fkdbearings 1361394811
@kevinphelps putting pressure on bearings alone can cause them to break. Since you're in the cold of winter when your board sits overnight the cold makes the plastic brittle. When you start to skate again & the friction heats the bearing up. It's only a matter of time before the bearing cage breaks. Use the lubrication that comes with the bearings for a better life on them. When they start to make that hissing sound that means your bearings are dry & need lubrication
deerpuncher666 1361396782
@fkdbearings damn for some reason I didn't think the cold had much to do with it haha I'm blowing it. These wernt fkd bearings, they were element bearing. My friend tagged you because she thinks I should send a video over. I ended up sending footy to questions@syndromedist.com thanks for your time
camerapier 1361431908
As u saw yesterday i really understand what u mean
og__steez_ 1361486997
I feel your pain bro. Lol
thatsdyl 1362561565
Classic top range element shit.
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