Photo from njskateshop

Some new shoes from vans and DC including the mike mo

l_ssj 1361316340
@njskateshop why does the rowleys have a number on the heel
totally_sknice 1361316437
Sick! How bout in Princeton? That were I go
njskateshop 1361316574
@mborg99 the vans yes dc are on the way
djdewballz 1361316594
How much are the slip ons and u have a size 9
aetherialuna 1361316913
Hell yeah denim vans!
aetherialuna 1361316961
Kids sizes??? My daughter wants to try skating and her little airwalks ain't cutting it. @njskateshop
totally_sknice 1361317427
K cause the new mike mo's are buttery!
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