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Tim Gavin

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As I sit sun-kissed completely uninvolved in Birds condition as I've seen this performance too many times and always managed to bounce back with authority. Too much free time and no responsibilities with a group of guys are the best memories.

therealgav Instagram profile picture
Tim Gavin
oneradco 1361316479
Skinny version of you @therealgav
birdsighview 1361317827
samsklub 1361320184
Me. Fresh outta SF. Alabaster bod. 2 tattoos. Nautica swimmies.
sal_barbier 1361320383
Was Sam on steroids back then
therealgav 1361320497
@samsklub The only important thing is that shit eating grin you have on your face holding that attitude adjuster
bobojr 1361320792
Wizard staffs !
dianasmyth 1361327077
@samsklub before lots of your tattoos...❤
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