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Taxes!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How come my heart rate goes up so much when I do my taxes?

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Mike Anderson
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marcjohnson 1361318991
@mike_anderson_2 because you're getting robbed! Literally. The IRS isn't even based out of the United States. Out government borrowed money in the expected taxes from our labor when we were born. Social Security numbers are bank account numbers for them. πŸ‘Ž
colemathews 1361319425
Romney wrote off a horse. You could get way more creative. 🐎 this year buy a dolphin. 🐬
sgallagher 1361321021
Make sure and have a good accountant. I'm sure u can write off a ton of shit!
rickithedude 1361321326
Thank for the dreaded reminder @mike_anderson_2. You think I can use my fractured skull as an excuse on why I didn't do my taxes this year?
mikeanderson 1361323653
2013 is my year. Gonna write off two dolphins!!! @sgallagher @colemathews
mikeanderson 1361323735
They love sticking it to you. Nothing I can do at this point unless we start a revolution @marcjohnson_ It's really does hurt doesn't it.
mikeanderson 1361323866
I got referred to a new person this year from a really solid relative who is also an "independent contractor". Cross my fingers I guess. @tommyguerrero @sgallagher
mikeanderson 1361323885
I'd give you a pass @rickithedude Sorry for the reminder
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