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Kerry Getz

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I really miss the freedom my YFZ 450 would give me every time I rode it. #toysisold #hobbies #quads #goodtimes

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Kerry Getz
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theduderoger 1361238712
Yea @getzhabitat MY BACK YARD haha
kerrygetz 1361242323
@rogerrk88 o damn, my bad I didn't know it was u and thought u asked if it was in my yard. How u doing? You riding anymore?
kerrygetz 1361242359
@billybrown419 Jrd was the shit!
theduderoger 1361243256
@getzhabitat it's been five years since I've been on a bike. Time flies but I'm finally looking for a new one. How you been bud
steviegetz9royal 1361288725
@getzhabitat you use to ride over by Collingslakes and 54 right?
kerrygetz 1361312676
@steviegetz9royal yes I did.
kerrygetz 1361312724
@rogerrk88 been really good and really busy. Dropping a app game very soon. You'll be seeing it soon.👍
theduderoger 1361312858
@getzhabitat very cool dude. Glad to hear things are good
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