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Mike Carroll

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New lakai.com coming Tuesday! All new Lakai product available. The answer to the question "where can I buy those shoes" ✨👟✨

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Mike Carroll
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alchemy_mike 1361148143
direct. thank you #Lakai
tj.green 1361148336
Just got blue and yellow there on my account
furrycalamari 1361258471
@alchemygrip you're welcome👍
furrycalamari 1361284926
brigiedigie 1361730742
@furrycalamari Thank you for your graciousness! Love your Mc Gill fun fact . I met you all way back when Keenan lived at Temi's. Great bunch you all are, I guess thats why you're all legendary !BTW Any chance that you would know if Chocolate,Girl, or Lakai, are hiring or have internships? Or how I could get in touch? I am in the middle of a career change and would love and deeply appreciate such an opportunity. I have great references! All the best brigittepoirier1@yahoo.com
furrycalamari 1362312230
@brigiedigie I'll look into it and let you know. What are you looking to intern for? Anything specific?
brigiedigie 1362327208
@furrycalamari Thank you and bless you an yours always. I am currently taking classes in graphic design/ photography. I would appreciate any internship available. Or any part time work available in the skateboard world. Again thank you🙌
brigiedigie 1363383518
@furrycalamari hello good man! Any word on any job openings or internships in the skate world I can apply for in your circle? Thank you all the best 😊
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