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Rob Meronek

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Damn, Jeb Stewart killin it with the meron grabs!

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Rob Meronek
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jprrrrrrrr 1361148680
rtclem 1361153909
Hope to have you as a guest soon, @colinhclark.
colinhclark 1361153979
@rtclem 👍 Awesome. I'll be in Tampa next month.
mystaticlife 1361166198
Holy shit @rtclem how the hell does Jeb do that? Doesn't skate for YEARS and then he comes back with the heat. Not fair
brianflynn 1361173594
As in Florida boy Jeb Stuart/Stewart? Gaither high school back in the day?
meronek 1361189383
Yeah @brianflynn Josh Stewart's brother, OG pony tail pusher
rtclem 1361190398
I'm know @mystaticlife, it's ridiculous.
brianflynn 1361201182
@meronek don't know josh. I went to high school with Jeb. Crazy! Back in the day he was sponsored by Lake Skates.
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