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Photo from nuge666

I'll be spinning records in between these two sick ass bands tonite!! Graveyard and The Shrine @theshrine

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taurusjujitsu 1361144720
@nuge666 hey if you ever come back to OKC, OK they just put up the new I-40 bridge and such but there's a perfect 18 stair set hasn't even been touched at all.
elevatingstyles 1361147647
Much love and respect brother. We may have had our differences as kids but I still got MADD love for you homie! I'm hella proud of your accomplishments as well brother@nuge666
nuge666 1361148229
@elevatingstyles same bro. Good to hear from ya its been a while. Im coming to okc soon lets catch up
elevatingstyles 1361148575
Brah my digits are4054137622 so hit me up when you get here and it's beerthirty. I can't ride for awhile due to a new bionic knee repair but catching up most def. get at me bro...@nuge666
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